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5000 Posts And Counting…

Who said the EU blogosphere was tiny?

Today, this post by Rado from EurActiv Slovakia has the honour of being the 5,000th post to be published on our homepage!

Post number one was made by Stanley Crossick on 11th October 2007. It has been quite a journey since then, both for Stanley and Blogactiv.

For obvious reasons, I cannot turn this post into a blog tour of the platform. Blogactiv receives, on average, posts on around 70 different blogs each calendar month, and has upwards of 120 blogs that we might consider to be ‘active’. These posts relate to as many topics as you can imagine that touch the EU – which is potentially almost anything.

However, there are a number of people whose time, energy, work and assistance have been or are invaluable to the launching, growth and continued publishing of this platform.

In no particular order, I would like to thank Mathew, Stanley, Eberhard, Christophe, Brussels Blogger, Daniel, Dale, Jorge, and P-A, David, Dave, Stephane, Michael and Scott for their help. There have been others – of course – assisting behind the scenes. Thank you to everyone.

And thank you to all our bloggers, whether you are at one post or one hundred posts, we appreciate your contribution both to the platform and to the various EU debates. In the early days – before my time – Stanley, Eberhard and Daniel kept the content going almost on their own. How it has grown since!

And if you aren’t a blogger? It won’t take long to set up a blog for you, we will help you through – or do for you – the tricky bits, so that you are left just with writing and publishing your blog. If you have something to say about the EU (good or bad), we’d love to welcome you into the EU blogosphere. You can get started here.

As you can see, Blogactiv is mainly in English, but we have increasingly active French and German language sections. We also receive occassional posts in Dutch, Spanish and Romanian, so please feel free to join in. We don’t want language to be a barrier…

Something tells me that the next 5,000 posts will come around much more quickly!

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  1. Stuart, congratulations! But where are the women?

    As you list people who helped, it occurs to me that it includes no ladies. I hope a non negligeable proportion of the next 5000 posts will come from them.
    There is indeed hope since women:
    a) typically use various internet technologies some time after men (perhaps once they have been debugged and start making sense? 🙂 )
    b) constitute a growing proportion of EU policy experts (specifically in Public Affairs: perhaps a majority)
    c) tend to be a bit better at languages (don’t ask for for stats, that’s my purely anecdotal experience). And other languages than English are clearly the greatest growth potential for Blogactiv…
    As for me, I will certainly make an effort to be a bit more balanced when referring to other experts on my own blog:

    Keep it up!


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