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Regular readers of Blogactiv will know that there are a number of bloggers here writing about topics related to the enlargement of the EU (past and future).

Needless to say, this is one of the more emotive subjects in the EU debate since it can often include race, religion and nationality. Firery debate is always possible and we tend to find that the only comments from Blogactiv users that we need to delete are related to such subjects (apart from spam of course). These discussions can become personal – intentionally or not – very quickly and we try and limit the rude or abusive personal attacks.

As if to prove my point, the most active discussion in the history of the European Parliament’s Facebook page has been rolling along for a few days. Two posts have generated over 300 comments! In fact, their web editors have turned the best bits into a page that made it to the homepage of the Europa website. Fame indeed.

The EP page on facebook now has some 61,000 fans. While that is a tiny number when pared from a population of 400+ million, it does suggest that their social networking efforts are reaching someone. In fact, it would suggest that their web editor team is doing a great job.

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