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Keen eyed Blogactiv readers and users will have noticed that yesterday our homepage didn’t move. What happened? Did we have no new content? Did we not want to publish anything?

The truth is that for around 24 hours Blogactiv was under attack from what were either very sophisticated spammers of professional hackers, with IPs based in Germany.

Somehow, this resulted in a break in the RSS feed that enables content from individual blogs to reach the homepage and beyond. Thus, it looked as though Blogactiv had stopped. In reality, all of our blogs worked as normal.

We have managed to put a temporary fix in place, to get things moving again and are now looking for a more permanent solution. I and we at Blogactiv are sorry for the temporary break in service.

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  1. Dear editors,

    I noticed that main page has a kind of defect, because page is not shown properly. The content which is meant to be in the middle of the page, is being shown completely down, under all content with links. So basically, you have all those different sections on the left side, while central and right side of the page is empty. Then, when you scroll down completely, then you can see the content that was meant to be in the middle on the begging of the page.

    This disintegrated view of your homepage lasts for already several weeks, so I am not sure if you noticed it, or you have problems fixing it.
    I hope you will make neccessary changes.

    Best regards.

  2. Thanks for asking. Can I ask what browser you use?

    We have been having problems making certain parts of the site work correctly when viewed in Google Chrome. That is something we have been trying to address. But if you are using a different browser, I would be keen to hear more so that we can – hopefully – fix the problems.



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