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US$300 in tax for a blog?

Let us hope that so many of the new ‘ideas’ in the United States do not manage to make their way to the United Kingdom and then on to Europe.

Like this idea from Philadelphia.

Really? A $300 ‘business licence’ and taxes to run blogs making less that $100 per year. It sounds a little excessive to me. As someone in charge of a platform with almost 500 blogs on it, this could be problematic to say the least. Of course, most Blogactiv bloggers have politics and not money on their minds, but the potential to change the internet with one simple idea like this is very real.

Please be sure to oppose such nonsence if it makes it’s way to Europe.

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  1. It is clearly wrong of me to only highlight one problem area, when there are potentially so many. A contact just forwarded this article to me. This isn’t the heavy hand of taxation causing potential problems to bloggers, it is the heavy hand of a censor.

    What do you think?

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