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I am pleased to be able to announce that is now closely linked to

We were first in contact with Wikio some months ago in a very loose way, but have since been in much greater contact.

This is a joint venture which I believe is win-win-win. In other words, Wikio is able to syndicate the high-quality content of some of the EU blogospheres best bloggers and gain linking and SEO advantages, the bloggers will receive visibility to a new audience and Blogactiv will increase visibility and traffic levels.

Wikio syndicates several hundred thousand blogs in a total of six languages. The site is primarily in French ( it is the largest French equivalent of ). As a central location for finding blog content, Wikio is a very high traffic site with visitor numbers in the tens of millions each month.

We have forwarded a list of our most active and / or influential bloggers. These blogs will now be syndicated in relevant areas throughout the Wikio site. We have high hopes for an increase in both visibility and visitors for our bloggers and for the Blogactiv platform more generally. We will also be able to syndicate active bloggers to Wikio in the future.

In exchange, you will see the Wikio RSS syndication widget on the platform (below this post for example). Previously, Blogactiv used a number (4) of widgets to provide access to the major feed reading sites. The Wikio widget links to them all and – of course – the Wikio feed reader as well.

We have tested the widget and could find no problems, so this will hopefully be a fault-free new tool for users. In terms of impact to current – and future – bloggers on Blogactiv, there should be no downside.

I would like to thank Stephane and Jorge, both of whom are heavily involved with Blogactiv and helped to make this arrangement successful.

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  1. Thank you P-A. And thank you for your assistance in making this happen – it was greatly appreciated.


  2. Thanks Stuart.

    By the way, how does it exactly work? Are the articles from Blogactiv automatically syndicated or do the bloggers / readers have to do it themselves?

    Hope to see you soon!

  3. We will be sending across lists of blogs with the appropriate language classification on a regular basis.

    Essentially – and understandably – neither they nor us wants to syndicate poor quality blogs. So we will wait until a blogger has three or four high-quality and on topic (EU affairs / politics) before we ask for it to syndicated.

    Offhand, I cannot recall whether or not your own blog is on the initial list, but we can certainly add it…

    Best wishes,


  4. Thanks for information.

    Indeed, I think it is the right approach (and thanks for adding me on this golden list).

    By the way, I have seen that Ann Mettler has set up a blog on Blogactiv. Another very interesting blogger!


  5. It’s an excellent news! I already register my blog to wikio but it’s a long process. And it’s better to include the best blogactiv blogs to wikio automatically.

    On the other side, wikio gets enormous good links form blogactiv platform…

  6. thanx for the info i was searching info about couse i heard thay are good.thanx for usefull SEO info

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