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WordPress and WordPressMU have some functions that work differently from each other. Posting a video is one of those areas, therefore, you should not try and follow normal WordPress instructions.

If you would like to post a video on Blogactiv, just follow these instructions:

Firstly, Blogactiv does not host video clips. The clip would need to be uploaded to a video hosting platform, such as From there it can be embedded in your Blogactiv post.

Write text into the post box as you normally would. Then, at the point in your post in which you wish to add video, use the tab in the top right hand corner of the “Post” box and switch from Visual to HTML.

Now go to your YouTube video and look for the box on the right of the page titled URL. Copy the contents of that box by right clicking on it and selecting ‘copy’.

Now head back to your post in Blogactiv and click on the Media box (just below the word Post). Now paste your copied URL into this box and then click OK. If you wish to continue typing, simply drop down a line or two and carry on.

While that sounds simple, and it is, this is different to WordPress and so may not be immediately obvious.

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