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Posting links adds value to the reader. It enables a blogger to provide additional resources that add context or additional information. For bloggers that are trying to be authoritative, links are vital.

In theory, posting a link should be quick and easy, but invariably I see links badly posted that ‘bleed’ across the page. Happily, this is quite simple to correct.

When using a platform such as WordPressMU, it is possible to create a post or page in either Visual or HTML mode. When adding a link, always use the HTML mode. The code required to be input will look something like this:

<a href=”Type the url here”>Visible Link Text</a>

Of course, it will actually look more like this:

<a href=””>EU affairs blog platform</a>

Once it has been posted in HTML mode, it will look like this:

EU affairs blog platform

The link above is known as a hard coded link and is a valuable way to pass authority – PageRank if you prefer the term – from one page and site to another. Be sure to add some to your posts.

The best thing that I can suggest is that you load the page that you wish to link to and then simply copy and paste the link into the space in the code.

In the space that I have marked ‘Visible Link Text’ will go what is known in the trade as anchor text. This is actually valuable for Google and the other search engines. This text helps them decide what a page is really about. So think carefully when adding your anchor text – especially if it is a link to one of your own pages!

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