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For those not in the internet marketing world, it would be fair to point out that a link is not always simply a link. Links are very powerful online, they are what binds the web together after all.

Linking from one site or page to another is an endoresment to visitors and search engines alike that “I like this”. Therefore it is important who you link to and how you do it.

However, there are other factors at play here. It is worth taking into consideration the longevity of the site to which you plan to link. Once a person has a few years of internet experience, it is almost impossible to avoid having built links to pages that no longer exist.

Talk about frustrating…

You have built a perfectly good link from page A to page B and now page B no longer exists. In the eyes of Google et al, this is a big no-no. The search engines do not wish to see broken links across a site. And lets be clear, this is pretty annoying to visitors as well.

Therefore, if the plan is that once a page is built it is never again tampered with – why create extra work? – where your links go to is worth considering.

For mainstream websites, there are three sites which I consider to be above averagely useful for linking to. These sites:

– are big and well known by everyone online
– are considered to have reliable information, therefore providing extra value to the visitor
– cover almost every topic imaginable
– do not change their links and pages once built

Who are these three?


Building links from your pages and posts to these pages is almost certainly going to add to your visitor experience. The links will provide context to stories and additional facts when required. Don’t just link to a homepage though, link to the exact story that or page that you find interesting.

It may, of course, be beneficial to link to more specialised websites. Blogactiv‘s own EurActiv is a good example of a site with credible and highly specific information about a variety of topics. EurActiv is very specialised towards EU affairs, but there are many thousands of others across the web on as many topics as can be imagined.

In other words, useful and high-value links can really add to your visitor experience.

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