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As you may have realised, blogging is a very personal art form. Whether a blog is widely read is in part down to the individual author and the style and type of content that he or she wishes to share.

One reason for blogging on is the highly targeted EU affairs audience that the platform is able to provide. Some of this audience comes from our use of RSS feed syndication on and the Network of EurActiv sites across Europe.

It is worth remembering though that EurActiv is in the business of publishing news and policy information as it relates to European affairs. In addition, the reputation of EurActiv is strong enough that other media outlets often use us as a source.

Since most bloggers are trying to get their opinions ‘out there’, this should be a communication strategy for Blogactiv bloggers to leverage.

However, when asked to reference a post, we often face a problem. Other news media have contacted me on perhaps a dozen occassions in my first year asking about a post. They like the post and wish to reference it, but who is this person?

They find the content interesting and informative – and they understand that the author knows the subject – but the author has a slim (or nonexistent) About page. This lack of personal information makes it difficult for news media to trust this person as a reliable source. Without that trust, they tend not to be used as a reference.

In contrast, some About pages are simply amazing. A great example, is this by Thomas Spiller. Thomas hasn’t turned into a prolific blogger as you can see. But his About page was written using a formula by the World Economic Forum. Unfortunately, they have not shared that formula, but the result is excellent. How could you be in any doubt that Thomas knows ‘his stuff’?

About pages do not necessarily need a photo in the way that Thomas has used, but it is a nice addition.

Another innovative example is shown here by ESHA. It was actually me that added their videos to the About page – and I know it is no recommendation to recommend yourself – but this is an interesting use of the space. Remember that the About page will be linked to from every post and page on the blog. I simply embedded YouTube videos into the space.

So, if you feel willing and able to, or you hope your posts might become more widely syndicated, please take the time to update your About page with some information about your work, education, specialisation and more. If nothing else, it humanises your blog for your readers, enabling them to connect with you at a deeper level.

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  1. I’m from turkish origin, grouw up in Belgium. I’m following up carefully Turkey’s candidature to the European Union and also Turkey’s internal political evolution and transformation. Other interets are concerning financial regulations, internal market, justice and social affairs. I’m university graduate in Economics, Sociology and Psychology. I speak fluently French, English,Dutch,Turkish and German. I’d like to give my personal opinion over differents subjects linked to E.U. affairs.

  2. Hi Sergio,

    Thanks for commenting. If you are interested in opening a blog, we’d be pleased to assist you. Simply visit here and get in touch and we can see you writing about these important subjects and reaching the EU affairs audience with your thoughts.

    Best wishes,


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