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It is the time of year for award ceremonies and the like but this post is simply to recognise the excellent results of two posts last week by Brussels Blogger.

The posts relate to SWIFT and information “sharing” between the EU and US – a subject that we all ought to be concerned about for both civil liberties and democratic reasons.

Well, it seems that the web is interested in this subject and for a change, an EU story in the blogosphere has made it outside of the ‘usual suspects’ – yes, if you are reading this it probably includes YOU!

Brussels Blogger emailed me over the weekend and said,


Thanks for making the two SWIFT stories the top story on BlogActiv before the weekend.

I am very happy with the success of the two articles: more than 3000 visitors / 4000 page views in 3 days and links from more than 100 sources including digg, technorati and slashdot (which brought alone 1500 visitors)


Brussels Blogger”

In fact, over the course of 6 days, his traffic was:

Brussels Blogger Traffic
Brussels Blogger Traffic

For those of us with an EU blog, you’ll know that this is an excellent set of numbers with some great blog syndication.


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  1. How did you get those numbers… any other secret tips, I have a blog and i need to take it to the next level… you did it in 3 days… how can i do it in 3 weeks? thanks!

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