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2009 Blogactiv Video Review

During the course of this year, we at Blogactiv have been doing our best to make progress in our use of video on the platform. At the start of the year, we could identify a camera, and by the end of it we could competently use one.

We have plans for much more camera work in 2010, but for now I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the highs (and lows) of the year. (I ought to point out that these are my personal highlights, so please don’t view this as ‘our’ opinion!)

1. Paul Krugman. At the time this was easily the most high profile person we had managed to get onto the platform. Looking back it is funny, but at the time it was a disaster that our coup was marred by a misspelling of his name to ‘Raul’ by our outsourcer…

2. Interviewed at EBS, Nobuo Tanaka is easily the most polite man I have ever met in my life. It was an honour to conduct the interview. That, of course, is what he told us!!

3. The first interview that I conducted (asking the questions) this year was with Margot Wallstrom! Talk about aiming high. If you watch the video, you will notice how few words I actually speak … none! The talking was off-camera and then as any true professional would, she spoke and did exactly as I had hoped for. I thanked her afterwards, mildly terrified by the ordeal.

4. My first real celebrity interview with MEP Caroline Lucas. I managed questions and everything! Parky will be shaking in his retired boots after this…

5. At the EurActiv Awards in the EP in November, we spoke to Guy Verhofstadt. Well we didn’t really. There was a proper TV crew next to us doing most of the work while we happened to be in the right place at the right time. It was a lesson in the glitz of the TV world. One moment we were all milling about wondering why we were there, the next moment lights went on and he and Gary were speaking! When he chose, he just backed away and it was all over. All very red carpet.

6. In Lisbon at the EUREKA Innovation Days event, Olof and I spoke to all sorts of people. One of our first victims was Renata Gomes. Seriously cute and bordering on savant, she was our most interesting and – unsurprisingly – most watched interview of the event.

7. It isn’t all that often at an event that an interviewee spends most of his time complaining about the event he is at! Enter Loek Knijff at the EWA event in Brussels! Take heed…

8. Back to Lisbon – I know, you hate me – and we spoke to Commissioner Potocnik. You expect people of a certain ‘position’ to be difficult and demanding. Not him! Thoroughly charming and very professional.

9. Also in Lisbon, we had a real runaround to speak to the head of the Korean delegation. After all our efforts, the head of the delegation wasn’t even in Portugal at the time agreed! We spoke to Han-Joo Kim who grabbed the mic from Olof and gave a virtuoso performance. Apparently this made it onto Korean TV.

And the downs…

At the EWA event we interviewed a Slovakian who shall remain nameless. He knows who he is… Having conducted the interview he then informed the EWA by email a few days later that he didn’t want it online (it already was), he wanted to see it before it went online (too late) and finally he would like it removed (I did). Oddly, it was a very unexciting interview with nothing of note said.

And finally, Portugese Minister Gago spent half a day playing hard-to-get and then gave us that interview. I shall try and think of a special prize to anyone capable of lasting to the end. The prize will go unclaimed…

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