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How To SEO Your Blog

I just found this post which contains a video and slide presentation from Google’s Matt Cutts where he explains how to SEO your blog.

It is worth pointing out that Blogactiv uses WordPressMU, which is slightly different to WordPress, but only slightly. Thus, his suggestions about the basics of keywords and links are appropriate to anyone using Blogactiv.

For those that aren’t aware, SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and is a fairly technical way of making your blog posts and pages rank more highly in the results of Google and other search engines. This in turn will help the blogger to generate more traffic (visitors to the blog) which can in turn be turned into prestige, money, a publishing contract or other things.

Matt Cutts suggests that bloggers should – broadly – concentrate on just a few key things. Firstly, focusing on specific keywords. Secondly, writing great content. Thirdly, building incoming links from relevant and respected websites.

It sounds so easy when he says it like that…

The presentation is roughly 45 minutes, and well worth your time to watch.

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