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There can’t be much doubt, making videos that relate to EU affairs isn’t easy. Policy professionals are not always the most watchable people, especially when trying to communicate a difficult or technical subject.

Having done some of this myself in the last 12 months, it can be surprisingly difficult to get an audience. At first I felt bad about this, but while the professionals were getting much larger audiences than I, they were doing it at many, many times the cost.

We at EurActiv, were learning and making progress but it was at times slow and painful.

Oddly, one of our first real interviews – and the first one I was involved with – is still the most watched. But Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman speaking about the economy and financial crisis ought to be popular!

While our progress was not necessarily fast at times, the use of video within the EU affairs space has been moving quickly. Suddenly, it seems, many more organisations want to use (or at least try to use) video in their outreach efforts.

But the learning curve is steep. I know. I have been climbing it and I already have an online background and more than enough experience. Without some history in it, the climb from zero to competent is huge.

For this reason, EurActiv has teamed up with EUXTV, an established web TV provider within the EU affairs arena. By bringing together professional video skills and two established content providers, we hope to provide something interesting and unique.

Our first effort has been to cover the Biennale Firenze which was held by the European Economic and Social Committee in May 2010. The result is an online communication service of much higher quality than we have been able to deliver in the past, and at a very competitive price.

Of course, these types of videos will never get the numbers of viewers that a Justin Timberlake video does, but we are now delivering much larger numbers of viewers than Blogactiv could ever do alone and they are seeing professional footage.

What about you and your organisation?

Are you trying to master video? Are you climbing that same steep learning curve that we tried to? Do you have an event with content so good that is worth the extra effort to promote? Do you want to reach an EU affairs audience?

If you answered ‘Yes!’ to any of those questions, we might be able to help. At the worst, it is worth a conversation. At the best, we may just be able to deliver a whole new relevant audience for your speakers and subject.

If you would like to know a little more, drop me a line. We can have a brief exploratory chat and see if there is any common ground between what you would like and what we can do. Email me at network at euractiv dot com and we’ll see what happens.

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