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The Issue Of Net Neutrality

In the press over the last few weeks, there has been some coverage of a rather detailed and hard to follow – but very important – topic. Net neutrality.

I can admit that I don’t fully understand all of the angles of the topic. As with many tech issues, the different companies and groups seem to have very similar but marginally different positions. Telling them apart can be tough unless you really understand the business model of each firm.

However, I have just found this article that seems to spell out what may be at stake. As will become clear, it is a topic that can potentially have an impact on us all and every business that uses the internet. So read up!!

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  1. Thank you Stuart for this post and article you reffered.

    I think that issue of Net neutrality will become even bigger in the near future. Perhaps, the real implications will not be seen until the first changes happen in US and then we may expect big clash and outrage when the majority of users feel those changes in reality.

  2. Yes I agree. The discussion is currently very academic, but if any changes are made and they result in real world changes to internet access for millions of people, the subject will become really hot.

    Just finding someone able to explain the topic so the rest of us can understand is almost impossible!

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