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Why Not Create A Blogroll?

To continue this occassional series of posts to explain blogging, lets take a look at blogrolls.

On Blogactiv, a blogroll can be found over one the right hand side of the page under the title, “Elsewhere”, but on most blogs would be known as’ “Pages I Like” or simply a blogroll.

When first starting on Blogactiv – or any wordpress blog for that matter – the blogroll is pre-populated with links back to WordPress like these shown on the left. Since many bloggers do not get around to changing their blogroll, one must presume that WordPress have incredibly high numbers of inpointing links!

If you are planning to write about blogging, then linking to WordPress may be appropriate. If not, then why not find some more appropriate links?

The blogroll list will typically appear on every post, page, category and tag page of your blog. Therefore, a 100 post blog may link out via the blogroll to each site in excess of four hundred times. In terms of search engine optimisation, this can be pretty powerful!!

My suggestion would be to link through to pages that you like that are somehow related to the topic(s) on which you plan to write most frequently. This will hopefully make the links relevant to the readers as an added resource.

To add a link in your blogroll, simply click on Manage > Links > add new (as shown on the left) and type in the url of the link and the text that describes to readers what the link relates to.

To delete a link (and the WordPress links if you want them to go), simply click in the left hand box next to a link and then the Delete button. Voila! The offending link is gone.

I cannot pretend that improving a blogroll will make you an allstar blogger, but it is one of the many different ways of adding background and context to your subjects of interest and providing a more rounded experience for the visitor.

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