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Activating Your Spam Filter

A real problem in the online world – and blogging in particular – is spam. It is unrelenting, automated and usually offensive. As someone in charge of a blog platform, I can tell you that it is the bane of my life!

But if you are a blogger that uses Blogactiv (or WordPress more generally), there are things that can be done to help prevent the onslaught.

Akismet. This is the name for the WordPress anti-spam plug-in. We have a multi-user version in operation across the platform. In all honesty, it works pretty well. However, we occassionally find a blog on which this ant-spam filter has not been activated. If yours is one of those blogs, please email us and we shall switch it on.

Email us at blogactiv at gmail dot com

Why do this?

In case you cannot read the number in that screenshot, the total number of spam comments was 2,369. Amazing isn’t it?

That blog had not been active for a long time and the spam had had the chance to build over months. But you can imagine what a problem it can become.

As I said earlier, this is a problem for all blogs, not just us. But as a reasonably big platform, we get more than our fair share.

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