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Happy Birthday Blogactiv!

Today is the third anniversary since the first ever post on Blogactiv by Stanley Crossick. At that time, neither EurActiv nor Stanley knew what blogging in and about EU affairs might become. One thing was for sure, it has become much bigger!

Today also marks the 500th post by Stanley, a look back at how EU/China/US relations have been developing in recent years, and a couple of anecdotes that I had to beg him to share with us all.

As a way of celebrating and sharing some of the ups, downs, changes and progress in EU affairs, politics and now blogging, I – in association with Raymond Frenken from EUX.TV – conducted a video interview with Stanley that we shall be sharing on the platform, one clip per day, this week. Stanley was charm itself and we had a really interesting chat, I can recommend the interview to you.

Stanley is not, of course, the only blogger here. In fact, we have a couple of others that have long since passed 500 posts on the platform – quite an achievement. Both the EU Logos blog in French and Gunter’s Karpfenteich blog in German have sped past 600 and 500 posts respectively.

Here at Blogactiv, we owe a huge thank you to all three.

Blogactiv is not just three bloggers though. In fact, there are several hundred blogs on the platform, and we receive new content from around 70 bloggers each calendar month.

Thank you to everyone that contributes. Blogactiv wouldn’t be the same without you all. This includes the contributions – in more ways than just blog posts – from EurActiv Publisher and the backer of Blogactiv Christophe Leclercq, Georgi Gotev (who is becoming more involved in community management) and the technical people that have helped to keep the show on the road.

If you are a regular reader of our blogs and are interested in EU affairs, why not join us? Blogging is free and the technology of a blog means that just about anyone can do it. It is publishing for the masses if you like. You can simply click here, send us your details and we will get you online.

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  1. Congratulations, Blogactiv!

    Wishing you further successes and keep up the excellent work.

    Also, congratulations to Mr. Crossick, he’s a true inspiration regarding the productivity…

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