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I know that there are a few weeks left in the year, so I may soon be found to be incorrect, but the last week has seen a turbo-charged launch in the EU blogosphere.

Well known within EurActiv for his blog about the Irish referendum of the Lisbon Treaty is Jim Murray. Formerly a Director of BEUC – representing consumers across the EU – Jim knows a thing or two about a wide range of topics. One of these is medicine.

On the 15th November, Jim launched a new blog about medicine within the EU with a first post titled Prequel to Seroquel. This has been a hit, to put it mildly, especially so given that it is the first post on a new blog.

In just the first eight days, and with one post to his name, Jim has racked up just slightly below 2,500 page views. By EU blogosphere standards, that is very good, but as a first post, it is little short of amazing!

Here at Blogactiv, we’d like to both congratulate and thank Jim.

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