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2010 Video Review

Since I wrote one of these posts last year, the world of video within EurActiv has changed considerably. Our partnership with EUXTV adds lots in terms of the quality of content that I (we) certainly would have not managed alone.

This list is in no particular order, but will hopefully highlight some of the good and bad that went on in 2010 in Blogactiv video. The list is simply my own thoughts and personal highlights.

1. At the end of 2009, after my last review was written and published, Daniela and I attended COP15 in Copenhagen where we mixed with the climate change and political elite as we tried to understand what was happening behind the scenes. I managed to grab Kumi Naidoo, the top guy at Greenpeace for a chat. This guy is seriously interesting and really fired up!

2. Also in Copenhagen, our exlusive interview with President Lagos – formerly President of Chile – was rather hijacked by other journalists, but he gave an excellent explanation of the problems at hand.

3. Sticking with the topic of climate change, at the 2010 European Business Summit, I interviewed James Leape, the head man at WWF. This is, without doubt, the policy interview that I am most proud of so far. Its just a shame that it didn’t get a proportionate number of views… 🙁

4. This year, I attended two events run by the Economic and Social Committee. At the second in the European Parliament, I interviewed a friend Anna Maria Darmanin, who was made so nervous by me (I make her laugh) that she couldn’t stand still. As you will see…

5. At the same event, incoming EESC President Staffan Nilsson spoke to me in what is essentially a TV booth. It looks like it could be a documentary. I was very proud. (Needless to say, it was EUXTV and not me doing to production work!)

6. At a Stakeholder Workshop in July, I interviewed Mr Van Oranje, a Dutch Prince who works for the European Commission. “What do I call you Sir?” I asked. “Whatever you want!” came the unexpected reply.

7. In Florence (I know, its a tough life!) at the first of the EESC events, I was lucky enough to speak to the library curator at the Instituto degli Innocenti. 500 years of helping children in Florence is detailed here. Truly fascinating and – hopefully – an inspiration to us all.

8. At the same event, former European Commissioner and currently the Education Minister in Greece, Anna Diamantopoulou stole the show at the event and then was a real star in front of the camera. She even waited patiently while I grappled with the pronounciation of her surname. Thank you!

9. At the FFA in March in Brussels, we (not me) spoke to Sir Crispin Tickell, a former adviser to Mrs Thatcher. This is a tour de force of the worlds problems, a suggested rethink of markets and capitalism and much more. Excellent.

10. Back to EBS and I spoke to Larry McDonald a former Lehman Brothers trader and now author. If you are wondering why the world is in such trouble financially, watch this…

This top 10 list has one noteable exception, an interview conducted in September by Raymond from EUXTV and myself with Stanley Crossick. This interview took over 2 hours and provides a real insight into many aspects of the EU, China, the personalities behind the formation of Europe and much, much more.

In total in 2010, I would guess that I carried out over 100 policy interviews and ‘we’ conducted probably another 60 or 70 more. Therefore, this is only a brief list. There was a lot of other very interesting moments, but these made my headlines.

All I can say is, thanks again for the opportunities!!

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