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Hello everyone. My name is Stuart Langridge and between September 2008 and December 2010 I have been Director of and between December 2008 and April 2010, Manager of the JobSite as well.

I have a background in financial services and Investment, but more recently have been working as an Internet Marketing Consultant in the UK and Publisher of a number of financially related content sites. While it may not be the prettiest website ever created, the site on which I have worked on the most, in the very competitive stock market investing niche, now receives slightly less than 22,000 unique visitors per month and almost 55,000 page views per month.

For a number of years I have been a keen student of marketing strategies and tactics, copywriting, search engine optimisation, online traffic generation and the Web 2.0 world. My personal marketing heroes include Jay Abraham, John Reese and Brad and Andy (the Stompernet guys).

In fact, in July 2009 I sat some tests to find out how my IM knowledge stands, and I am pleased to report…

… that I really do know something about this internet thing.

This blog is designed to help Blogactiv bloggers to improve the effectiveness and impact of their blogs and to announce new marketing initiatives being implemented to help improve the visibility of the platform. I don’t pretend to know everything there is to know about Internet Marketing – or marketing for that matter – but I know enough to help most bloggers. Hopefully, that is what this blog can do in some small way.

If you would like to make comments under my posts, please feel free to do so.

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Update: In September 2009, a friend and fellow online entrepreneur, Suzanne from sent me these very kind words…

Firstly, an update on how ‘valuable’ the advice you’ve recently given has been (you can use these stats if you’re trying to get freelance work as proof of expertise – as if you need it!).

In April, you advised that I sign up for Google Adsense for Content Host tied to my You Tube video content.

Traditionally, my quiet months on the site are roughly the same as everyone else’s, namely June, July and August, so this hasn’t been the most effective time to analyse the data. However, some of the stats already speak for themselves.

For example, my total AdSense earnings for May 08 were £7.63, or about £0.25p per day.
After adding the Content for Host stream at your urging, my May 09 earnings were £405.39 or £13.51 per day.

During this time, the straightforward AdSense earnings remained small. However, again on your advice, I recently removed at lot of AdSense from my lesser-trafficked tier 3 pages, replacing it with Clickbank Hop Ads. During the last couple of months since doing this, I’ve made sales via Clickbank and have doubled my ordinary AdSense earnings.

So, the advice has got through, been actioned to the best of my very limited ability and has very much proved it’s worth.

Fellow Internet Marketer Tomaz has kindly shared a link to his SBI review page about the system he uses for building his websites. Tomaz said:

“Hey Stuart,

Although I’m doing fine in my online business, I picked up a few advanced tips from your presentation at the SBI conference in Barcelona in 2009.

I’ve implemented your advice on linking out to authority websites and recently came across Bing suggestions on how to get better rankings in their search engine – and lo and behold, they suggest the same thing!

My pages rank very well and the myth of leaking pagerank by linking out to other sites is definitely busted.

And your massive resource of getting links from Web 2.0 sites is a goldmine of information and anyone who follows your advice through will definitely see a significant increase in traffic.

Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to more tips and techniques on how to succeed online. I just hope my competitors don’t discover your blog. ;)”

Frank from Investment For Beginners said:

“I’m really pleased with the help that you have given to me. I’m really new with anything web related and the questions you answered were above and beyond and I’m sure that as I start implementing the answers, I’ll make solid progress. Thanks again.”

Another newcomer to Internet Marketing, “R” from and said:

“You have helped me find a niche, outsourcers and solid guidance to make progress with even my limited online skills. Thank You!”

Maja from based in Slovenia said,

Thanks for all the great tips on this blog and in person. My site is going from strength to strength!

Goran from, also based in Slovenia, said,

I can’t tell you how much your linking knowledge has helped me.”

Another experienced webmaster, Elizabeth from dropped in a line to say, “Your tips were outstanding when we met Stuart. My traffic is up and so are my earnings. Thank you!

Peter from said, “Thanks for the help!”

So, if you have questions about blogging and the web, be sure to ask!!

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