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Blogging is a relatively new phenomenon, and political blogging is newer still. Therefore one of the aims of this blog is to try and explain blogging and offer some of the advice that leads to larger audiences and success. Along the way, these posts will also help to explain how to use Blogactiv. I hope you find it helpful.

Blogactiv runs on an Open Source blogging platform called WordPress MU which is able to host an unlimited number of personal blogs. WordPressMU is the multi-user version of the super popular WordPress. Broadly speaking, one is a blog and the other is a platform for blogs. Functionality is not identical between the two, but in many ways, it is the same.

These individual blogs are known as subdomains. These subdomains are standalone in a similar way to blogs on other platforms such as blogger. However, unlike the mass blogging platforms like blogger, Blogactiv has a much smaller number of hosted blogs and is targeted at the EU affairs world. This means that Blogactiv can provide visibility and link promotion to bloggers in ways that the larger platforms cannot.

Since the EU blogosphere is a relatively small place, I am pleased to say that Blogactiv is an important part of it.

This section of my blog is simply going to explain blogging and a few of the basic things that a novice blogger might need to know to be able to bring his or her blog to life. This will include adding multimedia.

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